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Welcome to WFG’s Valutrust Solutions

Valutrust Solutions brings a complete suite of both traditional and alternative valuation products, including superior appraisal management services to WFG’s Enterprise Solutions group. And, with our customizable technology, the appraisal process can now move faster and more efficiently.

We have an extensive nationwide roster of certified appraisers who are local-market experts to ensure that you receive the most accurate valuation – anywhere in the United States – in record time. Our superior service team actively engages with each client and appraisers to ensure that we deliver the valuation offering that’s right for each situation.

The Valutrust platform integrates seamlessly with loan origination and vendor management systems, then prioritizes the workload, while incorporating rules-based decisioning based on use, lending application and property type. And because the technology used is proprietary, we can quickly make enhancements to move orders forward expediently and intelligently based on well-defined criteria. Rudimentary tasks are eliminated, assignments are clear and real-time information is always easily accessible.

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Our complete managed
valuation solution incorporates:

  • A full suite of alternative and traditional property valuation products
  • One-touch product ordering and instant pricing quotes
  • Real-time status updates
  • Consolidation of client and vendor communication in one portal
  • Customizable workflow and automation of manual tasks

Valutrust President, Sean Pyle, explains what makes Valutrust Solutions and the WFG family of companies unique.

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