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Valutrust Solutions President Sean Pyle introduces ValuTrue™ property evaluation services in an exclusive interview with NMP-TV’s Andrew Berman

Valutrust Solutions recently enhanced its comprehensive suite of property valuation offerings with ValuTrue™, and Valutrust President Sean Pyle joins NMP-TV’s Andrew Bergman for a short video interview to discuss these and other newly added valuation offerings.

The addition of the ValuTrue product line provides Valutrust clients for whom traditional appraisal products are not the right fit with an alternative solution. According to Pyle, these additional services combined with Valutrust’s exceptional customer service are a big part of what differentiates both Valutrust and parent company Williston Financial Group from other providers.

“What continues to set us apart is what originally inspired WFG’s founding,” he said. “The company was launched after the mortgage crisis to help meet the new challenges with innovative technology and true service mindedness.

“In the case of Valutrust, the proprietary technology platform that we developed really serves as a great foundation,” he continued. “It’s integrated with many industry participants throughout the ecosystem: Our staff, our national network of appraisers, and our lenders all work in it.”

Pyle stressed the value of Valutrust’s service team, who ensure the smooth running of thousands and thousands of monthly transactions that are all unique.

“The fact is that each of the thousands and thousands of transactions that we’re involved with each month is its own animal,” he said. “There’s a loan officer and a processor and a real estate agent or a borrower and an appraiser. They’re all different and that’s where our service really steps in to make sure all of those parties are on the same page, and getting things done properly. Technology helps enable that in an efficient way, but our staff augments it in a service-minded way that’s really unsurpassed.”

Contact Valutrust for more information at or toll free at 877-550-8258.

“We’d be delighted to talk to people to make sure that what they’re trying to accomplish and what they’re looking for in a vendor partner are the things that we can bring to the table,” he said. “We really do try to make sure it’s a good fit and that we can succeed together.