WFG Information and Systems Security Status Update

UPDATE | July 22, 2021

Since first learning about the events affecting Cloudstar and its customers, senior management and the Information Security Team at WFG National Title Insurance Company have continued to monitor all WFG systems and servers looking for anything that might threaten the security or integrity of information and data on WFG’s network. WFG does not rely on third party service providers like Cloudstar for cloud storage, opting rather to own and manage its infrastructure and servers, which are hosted in closely monitored secure data centers in the U.S. There have been no operational disruptions at WFG since first learning of the events affecting Cloudstar and its customers. Other than a higher than usual alert level it’s been ‘business as usual’ at WFG. WFG’s National Title Services (NTS) and National Agent Services Division (NASD) continue to offer title production, escrow and customer service assistance to title agents who have been adversely affected by the events at Cloudstar.

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