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Reducing risk: How mortgage, title and real estate companies can build cyber resilience

Defined resiliency requirements can help reduce risks and protect your business from a potential breach

In an era where the digitalization of industries is both an asset and a vulnerability, Bruce Phillips, CISSP, SVP and Chief Information Security Officer at MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company™, contributes a seminal piece to HousingWire. His insights, deeply embedded in decades of cybersecurity experience, illuminate the path toward building an impregnable ‘digital castle’ for the mortgage, title insurance, and real estate sectors.

Phillips’ article is the first of a monthly series designed exclusively to inform and prepare professionals against an increasing tide of cyber threats. He meticulously outlines the foundational steps in identifying resiliency protocols tailored to the needs of the industry, ensuring that cyber resilience is more than jargon but a robust framework integrated into every aspect of the digital infrastructure.

Critical in this strategy is the culture of proactive defense—recognizing that threats are ever-evolving and that nimble, forward-thinking, and adaptive measures are paramount to safeguard sensitive data and maintain consumer trust. Phillips argues that the construction of a ‘digital castle’ is an ongoing endeavor, requiring continuous improvement and a keen understanding of one’s cyber landscape.

Professionals who heed Phillips’ advice in this HousingWire contribution will gain more than knowledge; they’ll equip themselves with a competitive edge in a landscape that is unrelenting in its challenges. As the digital world expands, so, too, does the ingenuity of those who wish to exploit it. In this light, Phillips’s article is not merely informational—it’s an essential strategic guide for anyone serious about cementing their position at the forefront of industry cybersecurity.

Read Bruce Phillips’s incisive article to fortify your digital defenses here