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NMP TV interviews WFG’s Dan Bailey about MyHome® Exchange

In this recent NMP-TV video interview, Dan Bailey, SVP, WFG Lender Services and WFG Enterprise Solutions, tells host Andrew Berman how WFG’s MyHome® Exchange solves a chronic problem with mortgage refinance transactions.

“With MyHome Exchange, we’re seeking to eliminate the delays that frustrate borrowers and lenders when there is confusion and miscommunication around providing key information and documents in order to clear title and close the loan.”

MyHome Exchange creates a unique, secure, easy-to-use online ecosystem for each borrower transaction. It provides the borrower with an overview of the information required, as well as contact information for transaction participants to whom they can direct questions. MyHome Exchange enables borrowers to upload documents and required information, track the loan’s progress and communicate with other transaction participants, as needed. Not only does this greatly improve the customer experience, it significantly improves the lender experience, as well.